Neirus Competitive Advantage

We use our knowledge ,expertise and creativity to work with our customers in providing custom solutions
that works right for them both technically and commercially.
With our strength, we process competitive advantages against competitive across the east and west.

Our Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantages against Competitors from the East.


1. Comprehending Customers 

We fully understand what our customers want hence we can deliver precisely what they demand and innovate with new products that satisfy real needs and solve real life problems.


2. Communicating with Customers

Our customers fully understand what we convey and can rely on our message to plan and communicate with other stakeholders.


3. Delivering and Meeting Customers Expectations.

We mutually understand what best practice such as conscientiousness, meticulousness, punctuality, integrity, trustworthiness and zero-defect literally mean. As such, we know what exactly our customer expect us to deliver.

Our engineering capabilities allow us to deliver the absolute values our customer expect.


4. Offering Customers New Value Continuously 

Based on customer feedback, we are capable of employing engineering, application and cross industry knowledge to create products with genuine value.


Competitive Advantages Against Competitors From The West

1. Competitive Advantage Against Competitors from the West

Based in Guangdong the main supply base of worldwide LED products, we have absolute cost advantage against competitors from the West.

2. Fast Delivery

With the entire supply chain for components , raw material, complementary product and auxiliary service in Guangdong, we have unparalleled speed to market and production lead time.

3. Flexible Production

Be it low mix high volume or high mix low volume, our flexible production lines and adaptive manufacturing can fully satisfy customers’ strategy at different stages of the product life cycle.