Contract Design 
& Manufacturing Service

Our design and manufacturing solutions bring your products to life that allow you to achieve revenue and profit goals rapidly.

From conception to certification, we help customers build and scale lighting products in the global market.

About Design

Let us know what you think, even if it’s just on a napkin, or a cigarette pack.

sketch of a lamp design


Conceptualize, design, and test ideas through co-innovation. Whether fully detailed or just a sketch on a napkin , we help you engineer and optimize your lighting product design and propel it forward.

Big ideas often come with big unknowns. That’s why an experienced technology partner can help you turn your idea into the next big disruption. We co-innovate with you to conceptualize and test your idea. We help you move your innovation with our design and manufacturing capabilities, so you can move the world.


Rapid prototyping shortens the development time for a viable and quality product. Additive manufacturing capabilities meet strict milestones and tight deadlines in the early stages of a products life.


Vendors Planning

Nerius current manufacturing and vendor ecosystem is developed with supplier clustered within close proximity with a superior balance between control ,flexibility, assurance of supply, cost and lead time. Based in Shenzhen, China the manufacturing hub of the world factory, we have absolute competitive advantage in quality, cost and time to market. Nerius is able to take advantage of its superior network of key component suppliers to drive customer-specific design and development of custom components. Working in close collaboration with its customer and supplier, Nerius can lead the formation of an alliance of companies and provide key support towards the design and fabrication of precision tooling, high volume injection molding and/or the assembly of precision components. Nerius continually quality and onboard new suppliers to achieve breakthrough level of competitiveness and to streamline suppliers’ value chain to achieve improved cost savings and operational efficiencies.



Creating the world’s most advanced products, You need an au fait manufacturing partner committed to defining, developing and deploying processes and solutions , a partner passionate creativity, agility and manufacturing excellence. Nerius holistic approach to engineering comprises of : PCB design, Layout and Assembly Housing ,Chassis and Mounting Parts Design LED Diffuser Design and Integration LED Optic Design and Testing Environmental Testing Lighting Controller Design and Integration Cable and Interconnect Design Wireless Controller Development



The transition from the design phase to mass production requires the consideration of many factors. It encompass a broad range of back-end tasks including design validation testing, production test development, tooling and all factors of supply chain development phase. Nerius has played a key role in its partners’ productzation programs, assisting its partners to launch and quality multiple tools to meet their production targets. Nerius experienced and dedicated engineers work closely with partners across the entire supplier eco-system to ensure timeliness and all component parts satisfy exact quality standards. To ensure a high-quality end-product, initial tooled up parts are meticulously checked with all parts undergoing stringent pre-determined qualification process.


Advanced Manufacturing

Nerius has demonstrated capability in developing custom automation systems for customers with high volume production. These systems have built-in sensing and diagnostic capabilities and are connected to in-house manufacturing execution systems for planning and tracking. Through the introduction of automation systems and smart factory, Nerius’s customers have enjoyed improvement in productivity, quality assurance and consistency and many other incremental value-add.

Testing Equipment

Quality System

Nerius product development ethos also mandates a rigorous verification and validation process to ensure high reliability when the product goes into production. Process capability and control chart of components parts are stringently measured and tracked during pilot production runs. All products udergo functional characterization for product life assessment and reliability. Products are subject to applicable tests to meet industry stipulated testing protocols for environmental, EMC and safety requirements. Commencement of production follows a thorough review of all the results of the entire product industrialization process.

Measuring Equipment

In the production line of Nerius, we have not only production equipment, but also testing equipment. For example, the pictures above and the machines in the example below are one of our many testing equipment. Integrating Sphere l Goniophotometer l Oscilloscope l Milliohm Meter

Testing Equipment

Testing equipment 

Correlated color temperature filter

ANSI/UL Grounding Resistance Test

IEC/EN Earthing Resistance Test

ANSI/UL Current Leakage Test

IEC/EN Current Leakage Test

Hi-pot and insulation Resistance Test

Electrical Parameters Test

Signal/Function Generator

Luminaire Temperature Increment Test

ANSI/UL Wall Mounting Test

ANSI/UL Burning Test

ANSI/UL Burning Test (Vertical and Horizontal)

IEC/EN Needle Flame Test

Temperature and Humidity Test

IEC/EN Glow Wire Test

ANSI/UL&IEC/EN Ball Pressure Test

X-Ray Test (Rohs Test)

Periodic Voltage Fall and Short Interrupt Test

Surge Test

Rapid Pulse Electrical Test

Harmonic Current Emission Test

Electromagnetic Discharge Immunity Test

ANSI/UL Rain Test

ANSI/U:Water Spray Test

IEC IPX 3-4 Test

ANSI/UL Water Immersion Test


Thermal Shock Test