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What is Wifi Smart Lighting

Wi-Fi intelligent lighting module is a communication module based on IEEE 802.11 standard wireless network transmission technology.
It has the characteristics of high transmission rate, long transmission distance, and no need for wiring.It is widely used and highly recognized by the market. It can be applied to smart home, smart home appliances, and other smart terminal fields of the Internet of Things to provide easy-to-use, fast connection, safe and reliable smart scene empowerment, and light up your home in the simplest way.


Wifi Smart Lighting Functions

Brightness Adjustment

High brightness when studying and working, low brightness when resting and relaxing,adjust brightness freely to meet the needs of different scenes

Cool & Warm Light

Cold light can light up daily life , while light creates a romantic atmosphere , and color temperature adjustment makes lighting the best decoration

Various Colors Adjustable

16 million colors available, offering more options for you to show

Available for All Users

Both Android and Apple Systems


Turn on or turn off the lights after the countdown is over,and the time to turn off the lights or turm on the lights is self-defining

Scene Switching

Preset rich scenes,one-click switching is supported

Wifi Smart Lighting Applications

Commerical Lighting&Home Lighting

Wifi smart LED light solution is a wifi lighting control solution developed by Nerius for smart home LED lighting, which can quickly realize the intelligent control of smart home bulb light products. At present, it has provided 1-5 street light access, and with Tuya Smart Life mobile APP, the brightness, color, color temperature of the light can be freely adjusted, as well as group control, DIY scenarios, timing switches, dynamic scene switching, infrared remote control and local microphone music rhythm.

At present, it has supported mainstream smart audio devices on the market, such as: Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc., and you can control the light switch and color through the sound.

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Smart Lighting Solutions from Nerius

Smart lighting

The infrared sensor in this solution can achieve the purpose of intelligent control through "perception" of the outside world. When the human body

is close to the infrared perceptible area, it can automatically adjust the lighting and extinguishment of the lamp to achieve the effect of energy
conservation and environmental protection; The door magnetic sensor can use the door switch as the controller to control the light switch;
The brightness sensor can sensitively capture the changes of ambient light, and coordinate with the algorithm to automatically balance the brightness
of lamps and lanterns, bringing people a comfortable lighting experience;
ZigBee wireless technology can connect indoor lighting, sensor nodes and control gateways to form a ZigBee network. Users do not need to consider the wiring problem when designing the lighting circuit, which makes the
lighting installation project simple and efficient.
Wireless communication technologies such as ZigBee with short distance and low power consumption
can make the control operation more convenient and save more power through the connection with the cloud. Users can use mobile devices,
such as mobile phones or PADs, to conduct real-time control and solve remote control problems humanely. Murata intelligent lighting system also
uses digital control power technology to combine the power module with the communication module. It can simply control the switch and adjust the
light and color according to the needs of different situations, so as to meet the needs of customers in a very delicate way.
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