Lighting can make a world of difference in a project. It’s not just about hardware, but the supply chain. You need people to collaborate, innovate and coordinate. To deliver on every project requirement, every timeline, every creative vision, you need a strategic indoor residential lighting expert.

About Nerius

Since its establishment in, Nerius has been offering and providing complete lighting design and manufacturing service to leading lighting OEMs worldwide. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China we have a manufacturing facility with a monthly production capacity of 80000 units.

At Nerius, we learn and accumulate application knowledge and develop solutions through pushing creative boundaries. With out cutting-edge manufacturing process and stringent quality system we ensure that only the best products are delivered to our customers.

Nerius Team

Our management team is comprised of a group of engineers with international background and experts with years of experience in the global lighting industry. Unlike most of our competitors, we not only understand our customers’ values, but we also share the same culture and quality expectation of customers. MICRID are the core values that we embrace:

Meticulous, Integrity, Conscientious, Responsive, Innovative, Diligent.

There is no doubt that a successful project starts with effective communication and as opposed to many of our competitors, we are fluent in at least one language that our customers are familiar with. Our excellent language and communication skills not only enable all parties in a project to fully understand one another, we can grasp abstract ideas and transform them to profitable lighting products for our customers.

Based in the heart of worldwide LED products supply base and with proximity to the supply chain for lighting components, raw material, complimentary products and auxiliary service, we have absolute cost advantage and unrivalled time to market and delivery lead time.

We are a team of engineers that recognize that every project is unique. We use our knowledge, expertise and creativity to work with our customers in providing custom solutions that works right for them both technically and commercially.

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60+ Engineers 30+ Professional Sales
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Our Strength


1. We have product patents and R&D technology

2. We are fluent in at least one language that our customers are comfortable with.

3. We share and embrace the same culture as our customers

4. We processes and continuously build on advantage engineering knowledge that keep us at the forefront of the industry.

5. We are innovative and deliver innovations with real values

6. We enjoy the China low cost structure while upholding our quality standard

7. We enjoy the China fast speed to market and delivery lead time.

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About us


Innovation and customization have made us the top indoor lighting manufacturer. Ask for quick catalog 

Create a healthy and comfortable light environment,
in each and every single one of your indoor lighting projects

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