Kitting Service


In addition to managing our customer complementary products supply chain, we also perform kitting service for our customer.

Printing user manuals

Buying bill of materials

Packing for maximum protection while optimizing size and weight

Labeling with absolute accuracy

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Kitting Service

Kitting Service Display

The following are some finished cases of the kitting services we specially made for our customers


Case 1: We design color box Kitting services for customers

How we do that:

  • We only received the customer’s manuscript, and after several versions as a team, we finally designed the packaging that the customer liked.

Case 2: After we finished the first version of packaging design, we started to design information display

How we do that:

  • Because our customers are not only from one country, it is impossible for our supporting services to be satisfied with only one country, and even a packaging information, we have 39 languages to display

Case 3: Our products have undergone many times of supporting packaging services. Whether it is from the appearance or the interior, it is a customer-satisfied choice.

How we do that:

  • In-house R&D department with 20 lighting experts
  • Best residential lighting supply chain in China
  • Test and launch new lighting products each quarter


This is the design of the package and instruction manual that we show in our supporting services. Among them are the most popular double-headed clip lights and the latest style of cabinet lights. Some designs are not official yet, but please take a look first.
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