Spotlight With Motion Sensor

A new generation of smart downlights with motion sensors and light sensors, keep the corners out of darkness and shine light into dark places.

Product Origin: China
Deliver Time:35-45 Days
Supply Capcacity:10000 PCS/Month
Certificate: CE, ROSH, FCC, REACH

Ultra-thin motion Spotlight

Famous brand lamp beads, professional brand driver, deep buried light, no glare, energy saving, long lighting cycle, sensitive response, these are the characteristics of our product.

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Anti-glare lighting

Protecting our eyes from direct light to the greatest extent is one of the differences between us and most spotlight manufacturers. We care more about the user experience.

Higer CRI

As the lighting industry, what we have been pursuing is to reproduce natural light. Under the light of high CRI, things will be restored to their own colors, but this is impossible for low CRI. Our pursuit is to do our best The possibility of engraving natural light.

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