Spotlights and downlights are often used in interior Decoration

Lights are the eyes of the home and have become a part of home decoration. In today’s atmosphere without main lighting, spotlights and downlights are often used in interior decoration as the two main decorative lights. The specific location is a home, supermarket, fruit shop, hotel, etc. But these two lamps are almost the same in appearance, so many people will confuse these two lamps, and do not know what the difference is between these two types of lamps, and this article will tell you how to distinguish between the two Lights and how to use them.

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What is Downlight

Downlight is a kind of lighting tool that is embedded in the ceiling and the light is down. At present, the main core component is LED chip.

Features: invisible lamps, do not occupy space, the light is relatively uniform, all light is projected downwards, and belongs to the direct distribution of light.

Application places:

large offices, conference rooms, department stores, and specialty stores, laboratories, airports, and home aisles, bedrooms and living rooms

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How to install downlight

In the first step, according to the size of the downlight and the installation position, scribe a drilled hole in the ceiling.

The second step is to connect the reserved power cord in the ceiling to the downlight link.

The third step is to hold the spring upright and push the downlight into the opening of the ceiling.


In the fourth step, put down the spring buckle, and the installation is complete.

The advantage of down light

The directivity of the spotlight is strong, there is no lighting dead angle, the light is downward, and the ceiling is hidden in the dark place, which can visually improve the floor height. In the home store, you will see that there are also many choices for the luminous angle (beam angle) of the downlight. There are 15, 30, 45, and 60. The beam angle is small, and it will show a spotlight effect. The spotlight is hard and suitable for illuminating specific There are also 120 and 180 options, the large beam angle will present astigmatism effect, the astigmatism is soft, and it is mainly used for lighting.


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