Blutooth Smart Lighting

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What is Blutooth Smart Lighting

Bluetooth intelligent LED lamp is composed of mobile phone APP.
Mobile phone through Bluetooth communication LED control board and RGB three primary color LED lamp beads.
Users can complete the scene mode setting, color light setting, music rhythm,
Timing switch and other functions of your scene through the mobile phone APP to achieve intelligent lighting control. LED control board includes 1, wireless chip cc2540 2, LED driver and RGB control board, 5V power supply and 3.3VDC power management unit.
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Bluetooth Smart Lighting Functions

Brightness Adjustment

High brightness when studying and working, low brightness when resting and relaxing,adjust brightness freely to meet the needs of different scenes

Cool & Warm Light

Cold light can light up daily life , while light creates a romantic atmosphere , and color temperature adjustment makes lighting the best decoration

Various Colors Adjustable

16 million colors available, offering more options for you to show

Available for All Users

Both Android and Apple Systems


Turn on or turn off the lights after the countdown is over,and the time to turn off the lights or turm on the lights is self-defining

Scene Switching

Preset rich scenes,one-click switching is supported

Bluetooth Smart Lighting

Bluetooth Smart Lighting Applications

Night rise scene

Press the "Late Night Scene" button, and the whole bedroom will gradually enter the late night scene mode: first, the bedside lamp will be turned on gently to 30% brightness, followed by the floor lamp and the ceiling downlight on the corridor leading to the washroom, which will also gradually light up to 30%,
and the hidden light belt in the washroom will also light up to 70%.
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Living room scene

When receiving friends or guests, you need a softer lighting scene, and focus on the conversation area by adjusting the light brightness. At this time, you can switch to the "reception scene". In this scene, the hidden light band above the ceiling is adjusted to 100%, the downlight and central chandelier are adjusted to 50%, the surrounding mural spotlights are adjusted to 60%, the spotlights above the sofa are turned on and adjusted to 80%, and the curtains around the living room are closed.
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Mesh group control

It realizes the dynamic control of lighting equipment by wireless/remote control system through distributed mesh networking.

Users can not only directly use the App to control the light groupin a short distance, but also issue instructions remotely through the gateway.

Both methods can realize up to 65000 light source ad hoc networks, which are characterized by fast response,

extreme energy saving, and optimal lighting. They are a new intelligent lighting scheme for
piloting the future.
Bluetooth mesh group controlling .The APP adjusts the light brightness, color temperature and color to set the scene, timing and delay. It also cooperates with the gateway to achieve APP remote control, scene linkage and automatic control.
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Bluetooth Smart lighting

Smart Lighting Solutions from Nerius

image 121
This smart downlight is equipped with bluetooth chip to realize Mesh function.
The simple and practical APP operation interface let you can easily group
control all the lights at the same time (can control up to 253 lamps).
The BT Mesh function is an excellent solution for multi-light control, which
solves the shortcoming of IR remote control lights with short control distance
and less control lights, WIFI lights being disconnected due to the influence of
network speed.
image 131

This Bluetooth light bulb is a wireless enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart

LED light bulb. RGB light colors & music playing can be easily controlled by a
24-key remote. Effective control distance of the wireless light bulb speaker is up to 33ft.
The LED light bulb Bluetooth works with all Bluetooth devices (iOS / Android / Windows).

How to start a bluetooth smart lighting solutions with Nerius?