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We are more than just a home lighting manufacturer. We’re a “lighting to delight” company. With years of experience in LED technolgy, our focus has always been innovation and growing relationships –both the ones we foster with our clients and ones our clients share with their customers in the glow of our lights





    Customized Motion Sensing Cabinet Light

    The closet linear lamp is a built-in rechargeable battery. And it installs with a magnetic path.  And the cabinet light comes with a motion sensor. It will light automatically when you pass by.

    As a senior professional ODM/OEM, we have in-depth knowledge of Cabinet Light and can provide different shapes, functions or specifications of cabinet lights according to clients’ different requirements.

    Material: Aluminum+ABS+PC+PMMA Color: Silver/Black Light Source: LED Interface: TYPE-C Blue–ray: No blu-ray,RGO Rated voltage: 5V- Lifespan: 50000 hours CCT: 3000K,4000K,5000K Sensing mode: Motion sensing Sensing distance: ≤3m
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    Material: Aluminum+ABS+PC+PMMA Color: Silver/Black Light Source: LED Interface: TYPE-C Blue–ray: No blu-ray,RGO Rated voltage: 5V- Lifespan: 50000 hours CCT: 3000K,4000K,5000K Sensing mode: Motion sensing Sensing distance: ≤3m
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    Nerius-Perfessional ODM/OEM


    Customized design

    Nerius offers custom design services to meet the different requirements of our customers in terms of appearance, functionality, specifications, and parameters of interior lighting.


    Experienced Design Team

    The Nerius design team consists of experienced staffs who have a deep understanding of interior lighting products and can fully comprehend the requirements of clients and provide creative ideas on products.

    Linear Light P 2

    ODM/OEM Service

    As a senior professional ODM/OEM, nerius provides high freedom customization services and complete interior lighting solutions, from design, production to delivery in one stop.

    Our Advantages

    Production Lines
    Pcs Monthly Output
    ㎡ Factory Area

    Our Service

    Strong Production Capacity

    Based on an experienced team and a large production line, we can provide the amount you need quickly.

    One-Stop Full Customization

    We can offer comprehensive solutions, fast service and professional advice, from simple customization to full interior lighting solution

    Rapid Delivery

    Located in one of the world's top logistics centers, we can deliver productions to customers in a short time.

    Quick Respond

    Quick replay. Quick replay. We are fluent in at least one language that our customers are comfortable with, so that we can clearly understand the requirement of our clients.

    Our Long-term Clients

    nerius - Expert of indoor lighting

    Since its establishment in, Nerius has been offering and providing complete lighting design and manufacturing service to leading lighting OEMs worldwide. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China we have a manufacturing facility with a monthly production capacity of 80000 units.

    MICRID are the core values that we embrace:

    Meticulous, Integrity, Conscientious, Responsive, Innovative, Diligent.

    Quality is a way of our language and the foundation of our existence, nothing is more important than this.

    Regardless of comparing with suppliers all over the world, customers always regard us as the FIRST CHOICE.

    MICRID are the core values that we embrace:

    Meticulous, Integrity, Conscientious, Responsive, Innovative, Diligent.

    Join the Smart Lighting Revolution as a Pioneer,

    Such a change will surprise you.

    Every Details Of Manufacturing


    ISO 14005:2015 certification
    ISO 9001:2015 certification
    ISO 45001:2018 certification

    LED Testing

    Optical parameter test

    Appearance Testing

    Aging Test

    Nerius product development ethos also mandates a rigorous verification and validation process to ensure high reliability when the product goes into production. Process capability and control chart of components parts are stringently measured and tracked during pilot production runs. All products udergo functional characterization for product life assessment and reliability. Products are subject to applicable tests to meet industry stipulated testing protocols for environmental, EMC and safety requirements. Commencement of production follows a thorough review of all the results of the entire product industrialization process.


    The lighting products manufactured by Nerius have all the required certifications. Apart from the standard and mandatory CE, FCC, RoHS, BSCI declarations, Nerius also holds factory certificates authorized by accredited laboratories, such as ISO9001, Environmental Management System ISO14001, Occupational Health Management OHSAS18001.


    With more than 10 years of lighting experience, we are an indoor lighting manufacturer who understands what goes into producing quality lighting systems. Nerius’s comprehensive product line includes wall lights, table lamps, downlights, ceiling lights, along with decorated fixtures used in home.

    We have leading LED designs and certifications. That’s why it’s no surprise that we earn top product and supplier awards. Our strategic partnerships with industry leading material vendors have allowed us to achieve just that.

    Lamp quality is determined by how the indoor lighting manufacturer controls the components and the way the company brings them together to form the finished product. In order to get good LED performance, you need quality chips, drivers, optics and thermals in your lighting control system. That’s why Nerius assembles lamps and fixtures in our China based facility.

    Complete Control Over Quality As Your Table Lamp Expert

    Table lamps should be beautiful, eye-protective and functional. Nerius's desk light Protect your eyes from dryness and fatigue for a long time of work or reading. It also helps to create a welcoming environment and has a positive impact on the functionality of a space. With that in mind, it's important to consider the right supplier of desk lamps to get your project done. No eye injury lighting is the first and most an important step to a balanced, unique design is also essential for customers. Nerius's table lamp for an office, study, and reading make it easy to creat a functional, eye-pleasing lighting envrionment.

    We know indoor lighting, with aesthetics
    and functionality.

    Through intelligent control technology, Nerius can meet the needs of people's various lighting environments to the maximum extent to achieve energy conservation and control energy conservation. Compared with the single control of traditional home lighting, such as manual, group, or voice control, the intelligent control the system has a diversified management mode and uses sensors to monitor environmental data. The management center realizes wireless connection, networking management, brightness adjustment, light color change, soft start and multi-scene settings for the lights of home lighting, creating a comfortable, efficient, energy-saving and safe atmosphere to meet people's life needs.

    See your projects come to life with
    Nerius lighting solution.

    Nerius Help you success in your Bussiness!

    We will do our best to understand the requirements of our customers with enthusiasm, and provide clients with perfect and suitable interior lighting solutions based on our production experience, advanced manufacture and design capabilities, Ask A Quote Now!

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