Super comfortable table lamp = natural + light touch + adjustable +∞...

  • Time of issue:2021-07-09

Super comfortable table lamp = natural + light touch + adjustable +∞...

(Summary description)It is the soft silk gliding over the skin;
It's the warm sunlight after opening the window;
It is a neatly housed room;

  • Time of issue:2021-07-09

Ordinary things

But ordinary is used to break

No rigid straight lines

Get styling inspiration from natural lines

Lights are more than just lights

It can also become a little inspiration in life

More comfortable than comfortable

This is the "super fit"

Ushidentsu "Super Comfortable" Series Table Lamp

Super quality, comfort, sense of companionship

Ushi Dentsu × "Italian Designer"

IF Design Award team jointly created

Youshi Super Fit Work Desk Lamp

Height easily adjustable, foldable and stackable

It can be achieved wherever you want

Even the lampshade can be adjusted back and forth

Precise lighting is what it says

Not only the shape, but also the comfort of the light source

Three color temperatures covering three scenes of office, reading and leisure

Different colors illuminate different moods

Function than general stands

Be better

Just slide it lightly. This is the super fit you want.

A little more

Late at night, I don't forget to wait

Accompany you every time of struggle


Bud wireless charging desk lamp

Stretch upwards, flexible posture

It's such a beautiful table lamp

Equipped with a breakthrough lighting panel

The evenly arranged lamp beads make the light source look like a small sun on the desktop

Careful eyes can read more beautiful

【With desk lamp panel + reading picture under the lamp】

Fold the lamppost gently, the soft light makes the night gentle

Recharge your upward self

[Sprout charging screen when sleeping with someone]

It turns out that the budding is reserved for upward people

A ray of hope

Yue Ji Induction Atmosphere Light


Is a grown-up child

There is a light to illuminate the magical world

Also illuminate a relaxed mood

The magic of adults is

Throw away today's worries

Get along well with yourself

It’s easy to move around

Sense your presence, it will light up when you come

It's a heart-wrenching light

The little taste of life turns out to shine


Imagine what is super fit?


Is the soft silk glides across the skin

Is the warm sunlight after opening the window

It’s a neatly organized room


Just like Ushi Dentsu's definition of "super-comfortable" desk lamps——

Infinite proximity creates better comfort

With the creative spirit of "∞"

To interpret "taste time with comfort as companion"

Note: "∞" is an infinity symbol 
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