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Privacy Policy


1. Terms of Service.

This website is provided by "Nerius". Please read the following terms carefully before using this website. Once you visit this website, you will be deemed to agree to all the following terms, including any amendments made by the Company to the terms. Nerius will take legal measures for violations of the following terms.

2. Disclaimer

Nerius does not declare or guarantee the correctness or completeness of the information published on such website, and is not responsible for the errors or omissions of the information, including but not limited to texts, pictures, data, opinions, suggestions, web pages or links. Nerius does not attach any form of express or implies warranty to the information provided by this website, including any warranty on ownership, no infringement of the rights of third parties, quality and no computer viruses.

Nerius can modify the content on this website at any time without further notice. Please visit this website in time to get the latest information.

Any non-Nerius products or services provided by Nerius are only for the purpose of providing information, which does not mean our recognition or recommendation of these products and services, nor do we make any statement, guarantee or recognition of any products, services or information provided on the website. The products and services sold by Nerius shall comply with the sales contracts and terms of the Company.

3. Protection of Copyright

The copyright of all contents on this website belongs to Nerius. Without Nerius's prior written permission, no enterprise or individual may copy, play, connect or transmit by hyperlink, load on other servers by "mirror image method", store in information retrieval system or use for any other commercial purpose, or modify any materials, even for non-commercial purposes.

4. Trademark

All trademarks and marks used and displayed on this website are owned by Nerius, except for those  notes on the website. Nerius' name and Nerius' trademarks and marks are not allowed to be used in any way without Nerius' prior written consent,

5. Products or Services provided

The products and services provided on this website may be different from those provided in your region. If you are interested in the products or services provided on this website, please contact the local agent for details according to the actual situation.

6. Links with Third Parties

For your convenience, this website will provide links owned and controlled by third parties from time to time, which will be beyond Nerius's control, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy and reliability of any information provided on these links, Nerius cannot be responsible for it. Therefore, you will bear all risks of visiting third-party sites by yourself.

7. Protection of Personal Information

(1) Users can visit Nerius's website in an anonymous state and obtain information without providing any personal information.

(2) We adopt the method of voluntary filling of the personal information such as their name, gender, certificate type and certificate number, date of birth, country, email address, telephone number and contact address, etc for those users who would like to register to get services on our website.. . We  will protect users' personal information in accordance with local Laws and regulations , and users agree that Nerius can use your personal information for this specific purpose if needed.

8. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

All behaviors such as visiting this website will automatically be subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China and the jurisdiction of the courts of the People's Republic of China.

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